Our Story


In 2012, Susan (Sue) Filson was misdiagnosed with other ailments prior to being diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, also known as adenocarcinoma of the lung. By the time it was finally discovered, the cancer had already spread to Sue's brain. She went through a series of treatments which successfully removed the cancer that had spread to her brain. She began physical therapy to regain the ability to walk on her own. Once Sue left the physical therapy hospital, she then began chemotherapy to tackle the tumor in her lung. Sue was a rock star with all of her treatments and was doing fabulously throughout chemo.  Following the completion of chemo, she began a maintenance drug which her body did not particularly like. The medication was stopped temporarily, and Sue’s health began to decline. Just a short nine months after her diagnosis, Sue passed away with her family by her side. Lung cancer took Sue, but it cannot continue to “win”. Our event raises funds to help create a cure and better treatments for lung cancer as well as raise awareness of this silent disease.